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About Us

Possession of property is a standard source of wealth worldwide and the foundation for a successful investment. The management of the property however is the factor that will largely determine the performance and overall success of the investment.

Vinieris Real Estate launched Vinieris Property Management in 2002, formed to provide international homeowners with a dedicated, professional and reliable source of property management services. The company aims above all to provide its clients with the precious ‘Peace of Mind’, whether owners or their guests are here in Kefalonia or rent their properties and leave abroad.

Vinieris Property Management has already many years of experience in property maintenance in Kefalonia. Our property management team is formed of an experienced staff able to carry out work to the high standards set by the company. Above all our clients can be confident that their homes, investment properties or residential complexes are professionally maintained, protected and cared for in our safe hands throughout the year.

Company Overview

Vinieris Property Management Group, was created and founded in 2002, and is the largest, most respected and leading property management group in Kefalonia. The driving force behind Vinieris group of companies, are brothers Adonis & George Vinieris, both born locally, who’s aim has always been to offer to people from any country the chance to own and successfully manage the home of their dreams on the Island of Kefalonia. Today, their vast knowledge of the island, its people, and all aspects of properties, have helped Vinieris Property Management to become internationally recognized for their impeccable customer service & highly satisfied clientele. Adonis & George have made and continue to make lots of genuinely true friends along the way, and believe that they have achieved what they ultimately set out to do back in 2002 making people’s dreams come true.

From a small family run business, Adonis & George Vinieris have steered the company into the premier Property Management group on the Island of Kefalonia, whilst still keeping their trusted family values as a key element in the operation of their business. The success of the company is not only due to their personal philosophy, but also due to a unique blend of talented employees, inspiration, and carefully selected business associates, all working in harmony to provide a service second to none.

Adonis & George, together with their in-house professional team, and multi-lingual administration staff, have over 14 years’ experience in Property Management services. This professional, trusted and reliable team will help you with all aspects of managing your property, providing you with guidance, support and helpful advice.

This experience, gained over a substantial period of time, enables Vinieris Property Management to fully understand every aspect of their business, and to provide an unsurpassed level of service, concentrating throughout on a customer-led focus.

As a sister company of Vinieris Real Estate, the leading real estate company in Kefalonia, we have all the necessary tools and a network of professional craftsmen, legal and insurance associates, to make sure that your property is taken care of to the highest possible standards.

By using a reliable, official and registered company, you are not only ensuring that your property is professionally looked after, but you can also feel safe in the fact that you are also fully covered from a legal aspect.


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