Pool maintenance

Pools technicians will provide a range of essential maintenance service uniquely tailored to your pool. We will ensure your pool remains in excellent condition. We fix and replace everything on residential pools including motors, timers, lights, filters, pool pumps, valves, plumbing, tile, skimmers and main drains including leaks, automation, in-floor cleaners, automatic pool cleaners and handrails.

Pool cleaning, check of electrical control panel, pool maintenance with the use of proper chemical substances, cleaning filters.

Clean all skimmer and pump baskets associated with the pool/spa

Chemical balancing of your pool water is essential to maintain swimmer health and a sparkling pool. We use the most advanced water testing technology on site at your pool.

Skimming of water surface to remove floating matter.

Brushing pool/spa walls, and water line tile.

Vacuuming bottom of pool.


Treating water with the necessary pool chemicals.


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